catuallie and I made an au: they all live in a house and cas takes up hobbies.

he’s bad at most of them.

This is cute! :-) And not that I’m an expert or anything, but most gardening shows says it’s best to water plants in the rain so they better can absorb it (but then again they also say it’s best to water in the evening/early morning) ;-) Cas might have a natural flair for it 🍀

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it’s amazing how teenage fans or fans in their early 20s are so much more aware of what’s really happening on supernatural with regards to misogyny, queerbaiting, racism, and erasure of all sorts. that we, most of us, are realizing that hey, this is wrong, and we’re not okay with it. we notice it. we call it out. maybe we get hate, but we are aware.

this is a major generalization, but most of the super-bibro-just-brothers-all-brothers-all-the-time fans are much older, thirties, even forties. and you’d think they’d be much more mature, but they’re not. it’s like they watched the pilot and that became their base comparison for every single episode ever, now, ten years later. like they’re stuck, while we’re pushing for the show to become more progressive and accepting and open. 

i’m not sure why that is. and this sounds really self-important. i’m not trying to be. but it’s a rather strange phenomenon that i’ve recently observed. 

It doesn’t just sound really self-important, it is really self-important and arrogant. Not that I’m surprised tho.

Or maybe it’s because the older bi bro fans are aware with what’s going on IN THE WORLD. Not a television show. Sorry but I don’t worry about issues on a fictional show. Not to mention if you’re honestly not okay with it, find another show. If I watch a show that deeply upsetting to me, I’m not gonna watch it. The younger fans are much more sensitive anyways. The older ones may not find offense where you do.

You really don’t have the right to force the show to be anything either. That’s VERY entitled and incredibly spoiled.

maybe it’s because the older bi bro fans are aware with what’s going on IN THE WORLD

Jesus, you must be joking

even aside from the timing of this statement, you’re really gonna sit there and be like, “people who are living in the real world shouldn’t be worried about racism and problematic attitudes and sexism on a television show.” that’s really gonna be your angle. because God knows, media and society are totally divorced from one another, and we should all retreat from messy ol’ reality into a world where straight white cis men are the only real heroes. where a black woman guest star can wear a collar, where gay relationships can be punchlines, where april’s dead violated body can get called “hot.” that’s the kind of fantasy world that really heals people, really gives them something to cheer for.

i’m no nineteen year old, and i’m not especially sensitive, except on the soles of my precious lil’ feet. i just cannot believe it’s so fucking controversial or outlandish to say that women, queer people, people of color, can and should expect some fucking representation from a show that is supposedly set at the margins of American society. i have been to the margins of American society and i can tell you it ain’t that white and it ain’t all that straight. 

we criticize the show because we love the show, because we think it can be better. would anybody devote all the hours and days and weeks, the long nights writing fic, the fan campaigns, all that activity, making friends, going to cons, composing meta- if our hearts weren’t in this, if we didn’t care deeply? we see the spark in this- family don’t end in blood, the questioning of humanity and morality, the big issues that spn says it wants to wrestle with- and we cry out, me too! i have doubts, i have questions, i’m like castiel- i’m looking for a new path, i’m trying to break out of my old ways, i’m like sam- i’m trying to figure out who the hell i am, i’m like dean! we love the show but let’s be real, the show- especially in recent years- has fallen short of its potential. it’s trapped itself in ruts of lazy storytelling and questionable, problematic humor. but in responding to these issues we are not digging the show a grave- we are holding out a hand to pull it back out of a hole. it’s no less than you’d do for a friend that had lost their way.

in the end, nobody can ‘force’ a show to be anything but the ones who write and film it. but shows, like people, can- and maybe should- grow up.

FUuuuuuuuckKYEAAAAH!!! Orange i fecking love ya!

Another year, another collaboration with amazing kalliel.Her fic must NOT be missed!

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Happy b-day to two of my favourite people ♥

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Revisiting a beautiful girl I saw on a bus stop a few years ago. I’ll be making artwork to celebrate the beauty of black youth - Blackness isn’t dangerous or ugly, and this is how I experience and see blackness today

RIP Michael Brown

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The Incorruptible, drawn in PS. This is a birthday present for kaylocker. <3

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