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Gender bias in media is scary and we should fight for our right to be seen and heard! ›


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let’s be good to eachother


commission for deaniepie (prev. orgycastiel right haha hopefully i have the right person) who wanted dean in his “i wuv hugs” shirt holding a teddy bear and wearing a flower crown :) 

sorry if it looks a bit rough ;A; still trying to beat out this brain block

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Koh Ker, a remote archaeological site in northern Cambodia (by txikita69).

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This one seems relevant for today. Which way is it going to go?!?! An old one for the NYTimes. #Scotland #independence #illustration


if you are genuinely concerned about the idea of romantic cas/hannah, i will tell you my crackpot theory. given the amounts of star wars references in the carver era i would not be at all surprised to see a scene where dean hopelessly decides there will never be anything between him and cas because he thinks cas loves someone else, tells cas he’s going to take himself out of the picture so cas has a chance for an apple pie life, only to have cas roll his eyes and explain that, dean, it’s nothing like that at all, hannah is my sister. and then sam blows up the death star and they all join an ewok conga line.

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